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BOHO TRAVELS | Anti-aging with stem cells
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Jul 04 2018

Anti-aging with stem cells

100% natural treatment for your skin

forget about creams and start nourishing from inside


Boho Travels cooperates closely with the Czech scientists who research and implement the stem cells innovations. The stem cells anti-aging treatment significantly smooths your wrinkles and regenerates the skin.


Stem-cells anti-aging is the latest medical way to rejuvenate your face 100% natural way –  of your own biomaterial which is injected into the middle layer of the skin. It will restore not only the skin, but the overall structure of your tissue. It does not cause scars and does not require a long convalescence. The effect occurs immediately after the application of the stem cells. The actual result is already visible in the upcoming months. Suitable for all ages.

anti aging



Stem cells are cells capable of restoring damaged or worn parts and maintaining the homeostasis of the organism. Cells with indefinite self-renewed ability, whose mitotic division produces one cell identical to maternal, everything is based on your own DNA.




Stem cells are obtained from liposuction collected by liposuction in local anesthesia. The procedure is outpatient, minimally invasive, painless and guarantees a perfectly natural result. Biological material is processed in scientific, specialized laboratories.




The stem cells in the form of a concentrate are then applied by injection method to specific parts of the face, neckline and hands. Stem cell therapy is the latest treatment that guarantees results in the medium and long term.



3 esthetic procedures for 1 price


Slimmer belly, Smooth face and Fat fillers during one application of the stem cells treatment. 

This Advantageous Package Is An Absolute Hit





Slimmer belly of a few centimeters using mini-liposuction. This is a mini-invasive procedure in local anesthesia. The patient goes home after the intervention, the liposuction inputs are miniature.



Facial rejuvenation using one’s own fat filling. Fat fillers are applied locally to deeper wrinkles in the areas of the forehead, around lips or nose. The result is immediate and looks really natural.



A large percentage of own stem cells are immediately activated and starts to nourish skin tissue from within. The effect can be observed after a few weeks, the actual effect occurs after a few months. The overall application is very fast, almost painless. Inserts are minimally visible.


Save Money & Time

The application is very fast!

The skin of the face, neckline and hands is the most exposed to the sunlight and various adverse impacts during the life. To smooth the skin in these areas, we offer a great treatment and regeneration of your skin in a single application – everything is going to be done in one day. As a first you will visit dermatologist for consultation and immediately after you go to mini-liposuction. This will take approximately 1 or 2 hours. The next day is the application of your own bio-material. You will spend only 1 hour. Our Boho Anti-aging Package will return youth!


Be aware that for this treatment is necessary to have enough fat on your belly!


With us you will get the best care during your stay in our beautiful Prague.

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