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Wellness Spa FAQ

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Combination of natural water treatments and modern medical technics help to improve your health. Boho Travels carefully selected the best professionals to provide you the best care and exactly to your needs.

What is spa?

Czech spa industry

Spa – are defined as health-enhancing facilities based of natural mineral resources aimed at the regeneration of the body, mind and spirit. The magic of old natural healing treatments and top quality medical care tested over centuries you can find in our Czech spa resorts. Combination of natural mineral streams and professional healthy programs created by spa experts makes the best effect for you body.

Our Czech mineral water streams are being used for the prevention of disease and for general wellbeing.

What are the positive healthy effects of the stay?

Long-term effect
Spa treatment has a demonstrable beneficial effect in the treatment of many diseases. Positive effects, however, do not only occur during the treatment period, but they persist for several months after the end of treatment. This is one of the reasons why people return to the spa regularly.

Is spa a good place for a detox?

Yes, this is natural cure without chemistry!
Experts have been constantly warning of excessive use of drugs with a number of negative side effects. Fortunately, today’s world is once again beginning to return to proven natural practices and trying to use the centuries-proven healing effect of natural healing resources through which we can treat our body much more diligently than medical treatment or radical irreversible medical treatment.

Where are located spa?

Czech Republic is very rich for natural thermals. Boho Travels cooperates with the oldest historical spa areas: Carlsbad and Marienbad. These cities are located in the west part of our beautiful country. You can enjoy stunning old architecture and feel like in different century while walking on old colonnade and sipping natural mineral water.

What type of healthy program is offered?

Our offers for wellness and spa including many type of programs. Always with combination of active holidays and relaxation with the focus for the best body care. Very popular are detox programs, loosing weight program – these programs are very well balanced because after your hard work you deserve amazing care like massage or other pleasant service. We will help you to reach your goals.

The doctor will create a special healthy plan with the focus to your needs and limitations. During your program you will be in hands of a professional team who will advisor and help you during the whole stay.

How is the process of using spa?

Initial entrance check-up is necessary for the creation of the individual healthy plan. Your doctor will set up a package and special healthy program to be the most convenient for you.

What is the suggested period of the stay?

Short-term stay is suggested for relaxation and also try-cure to get the ideas of the natural spa system and learn more about the healthy lifestyle.

Every person is individual but in general to start to see first results is after 3 weeks by following the tailor-made program. To receive the real effect of cleaning your body from the toxin and receive all good minerals.

Can I get refunded by the state health system in my country?

For information about the refund you have to check the health insurance office.  In many countries of the EU you can apply for the refund before the start of the treatment and after your arrival back to your country you provide the documentation for getting refund. We can prepare you all the documentation for your insurance company. Please inform us before your arrival.

Who creates the tailor-made healthy program?

The doctor will create a special healthy plan with the focus to your disease and limitations. During your treatment you will be in hands of a professional team who will advisor and help you during the whole stay.

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