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Stem cells anti aging programme
Natural anti-aging program to smooth your wrinkles in the Czech Republic
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Natural Anti-Aging with Stem Cells

Boho Travels presents the revolution in the anti-aging

Stem-cells treatment

Unique innovation to smooth your wrinkles

Regenerative Medicine Studies

Boho Travels cooperates closely with the Czech scientists who research and implement the stem cells innovations. The stem cells anti-aging treatment significantly smooths your wrinkles and regenerates the skin.

Biotechnologial proofs and clinical studies of scientists from the Czech Republic have shown that stem cell therapy has a significant rejuvenation effect on the skin. These stem cells have the ability to divide into different types of specialized cells and also the ability to produce additional stem cells. They are used to smooth wrinkles, improve the tone and appearance of the skin.

The Stems Cells anti-aging programme is 100% natural and really works.

100% Biological Material

The resulting biological material is unique in comparison to competition because it contains an extremely high proportion of progenitor cells, maintains structural tissue integrity, growth hormones, elastin fibers and collagen. Since it is the body’s own cellular concentrate without foreign substances, a faster onset of action, a longer-lasting effect and almost zero risk of undesirable allergic reactions are fully ensured.

After the application you can expect fantastic results within few months. This natural process activates your own stem cells in the skin. During the stem cell program the patient receives very highly concentrated bio material which contains million of stem cells. The quantity which the skin has previously lost for the last 10-20 years, is now restored back.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells capable of restoring damaged or worn parts and maintaining the homeostasis of the organism. Cells with indefinite self-renewed ability, whose mitotic division produces one cell identical to maternal.


Special Technology

Stem cells are obtained from liposuction collected by liposuction in local anesthesia. The procedure is outpatient, minimally invasive, painless and guarantees a perfectly natural result. Biological material is processed in scientific, specialized laboratories.


Process of the Application

The stem cells in the form of a concentrate are then applied by injection method to specific parts of the face, neckline and hands. Stem cell therapy is the latest treatment that guarantees results in the medium and long term.


5 simple steps

For your beautiful skin!
  • 1

    Doctor examination

    send us photo for an assessing the suitability of the patient for surgery

  • 2


    which is performed under local anaesthesia in an operating room

  • 3

    Preparation of cell material

    In special laboratories is by an unique technology produced the highly concentrated cell product.

  • 4


    By microneedles mesotherapy are rejuvenating substances applied to the middle layer of the skin.

  • 5

    Smooth skin

    The stem cells start naturally to regenerate your skin, after 3 months you will see significant differences.

stem cells

Boho Anti-aging Package

The advantages of the anti-aging program: 

3 procedures for 1 price

Natural rejuvenation

No side effects or allergies

Visibly improves the elasticity of the skin

Supports the natural functions of the skin

Long-lasting effect

Stem Cells - the New Source of Youth

3 Esthetic Procedures For 1 Price


Slimmer belly of a few centimeters using mini-liposuction. This is a mini-invasive procedure in local anesthesia. The patient goes home after the intervention, the liposuction inputs are miniature.


Facial rejuvenation using one’s own fat filling. Fat fillers are applied locally to deeper wrinkles in the areas of the forehead, around lips or nose. The result is immediate and looks really natural.


A large percentage of own stem cells are immediately activated and starts to nourish skin tissue from within. The effect can be observed after a few weeks, the actual effect occurs after a few months. The overall application is very fast, almost painless. Inserts are minimally visible.