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BOHO TRAVELS | sustainable
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Sustainability safes the planet

Too much waste everywhere we look around and it is getting worst by every year. This is the reason why Boho Travels provides services and products without parabens, chemicals nor preservatives. We support sustainability, it means that our services are environmentally-friendly. We avoid any production practices or packaging methods because our services using natural ingredients from renewable raw materials, with all respect to the cosmetics industry, “green” and “sustainable”.


Sustainability and health


Our services are based on natural traditional treatments in a combination with modern medical techniques without the use of chemistry. In many countries in the Europe there no occur any healing springs, and people do not have too much idea about the strengths of healing water and positive results. The natural spa treatments simply do not have any tradition. We would like to support this type of medical treatment proven by centuries, remind and inform in general people that there is also another solution than to use pills which often not solve the problem, mostly only suppress the pain.



Everybody for sure experienced bad service, non professional behavior with very bad results. In the medical sphere this should not exist but reality is different. We are here to eliminate this problem and this is the reason why we have carefully selected and proven services which we suggesting to our clients. We do not risk regarding anybody’s health. Boho Travels cooperates closely with the Czech science, professional doctors, spa hotels and sanatoriums. Consequently all adapted to the medical problems and health needs of our clients. Healthy programs are led by qualified professional team who creates optimal treatment tailored for every single patient. Furthermore we are making the best selection of the quality services, preparing together with our business partners the best programs for you.

You can be healthy and looking great with all respect to the nature, this is our philosophy.


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