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BOHO TRAVELS | Marienbad: your spa holidays
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Feb 24 2018

Marienbad: your spa holidays

Marienbad or in Czech Marianske Lazne offers many during your holidays in the Czech Republic. This beautiful spa town is located in the western part of our beautiful country.
Marianbad is indeed a very romantic city. You can stroll through beautiful parks, romantic colonnades, admire the beautiful architecture and finally settle in one with pleasant cafes.

The city is indeed full of interesting history. Since the 12th century there exist  proofs about hot springs spilling from the ground. Nevertheless, the real prosperity of the city was experienced during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, when the mineral water was again analyzed. The city has gained during this period also its name Marienbad.

Back to the proven tradition

In today’s hurried time, we often forget about our health and do not think too much about healthy eating habits. Drinking natural mineral water prevents many diseases. How does water tasting actually work?
Buy a spa ceramic cup that you can find at every corner of the city. And then just enjoy a nice walk through the colonnades, where are the healing springs. Each of them has a different temperature and also differs in composition. Fill your cup and sip these healthy minerals. From the beginning, you will find a special flavor, as the sources contain many iron and carbon dioxide. These minerals are very good for your body to detox it.

The springs from Marianbad cure:
Disorders of the Kidneys and of the Urinary Tract
Respiratory Disorders
Locomotive System Disorders
Metabolic sicknesses
Gynaecological Disorders, including the Treatment of Sterility
Oncological problems


Bathing and relaxing in the hot springs

After the whole day of walking you will for sure deserve amazing relaxation for you body. In the city you will find many beautiful hotels where you enjoy baths in the mineral water. To have the relaxation complet take a massage of the whole body. Here you find many sorts to choose from. Here we do not end yet…our Boho Packages are filled with many procedures for your healthy holidays.


Besides relaxation, the city also offers many sports activities. Golf Mariánské Lázně is very famous. It is spread over 60 square meters, 787 meters above sea level, the flat terrain with 18 holes. If you are a golf enthusiast, you will surely appreciate the game in a pleasant environment surrounded by greenery.

Marienbad is a must see city you should visit during your holidays in the Czech Republic.


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