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BOHO TRAVELS | BOHO ANGEL – effective weight loss program
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Jan 01 2019

BOHO ANGEL – effective weight loss program

Boho Angel workout, food plan and relaxation


Do you wish to get beautiful, sexy, healthy and glamorous look of your dreams? The secret is a specially structured complex which helps you to reach your goals. During this program you will spend 7 days in a beautiful spa city Carlsbad. Our medical specialist will create tailor-made program especially for your needs.

Because you will work pretty hard, you deserve a reward – we will take you to our capital city Prague. You will enjoy 2 days in this beautiful city – where you can expect sightseeing, we will show you our favorite place for shopping and take you to very nice restaurants or cafes.

1. laboratory analyze and nutrition plan


First we will make a blood test and based on laboratory results it will be analyzed what nutrition is the best for you. You will not be starving – there will be 5 times per day served food. Another important part is the unique Carlsbad mineral water drinking plan –  tailor-made for your body. Minerals in the water additionally have a beneficial effect to loose weight, significantly improve digesting system and bring a strong cosmetic effect to your skin, hair and nails.

boho angelphotos: Hotel Prezident

2. fitness regime


Very important part of this program is specially created workout including the best tips and tricks. Our physiotherapist-trainers  will individually supervise and support you during your journey for achieving goals. This fitness program includes 5 workouts specially made for Boho Travels. This powerful program contains basics of a ballet training for its grace and elegance. Pilates for its rehabilitation features, core strength and posture and yoga to calm the mind and complete stretching. Pilates, yoga and barre all provide an effective workout from which you will see positive physical results.

Another part for a cardiovascular endurance is the Tabata training. Probably one of the best techniques to burn fat during exercise. High intensive training increases physical fitness much more effectively than endurance exercise. These short intensive workouts provide better sports performance, the body better metabolizes glucose and fat degradation proceeds much faster. This interval training also significantly reduce insulin resistance and higher lipid oxidation improves glucose tolerance.

Aqua body & mind – strength cardio styles applied to into the aquatic environment based on the philosophy principles of water-mind-body connection. For maximum efficiency, you are supervised by our specialists during exercise. This training leads to improved physical condition, body firming and fat reduction.

Cardio Nordic  – In the beautiful and pure nature surrounded around, waiting for you cardio workout – the Nordic jogging. The the proper technique, involving up to 90% of the muscle activity in a comparison to normal walking, you burn much more calories and improve cardiac function in a favorable zone load.

boho angel

photos: Hotel Prezident

3. slim procedures


Scotch douche – We use alternating cold and heat on the large surface area of the body in order to cause the desired local and general reactions. The procedure has effects on weight reduction, helps to improve blood circulation and excretion of waste substances from the body. Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Oxygen Therapy – Curative and regenerative method where an appropriate dose of oxygen is inhaled. One hour lasting inhalation of oxygen at a high concentration together with intake of vitamins. Anti-cellulite Massage with a special cream that is rubbed alternately by delicate and intensive techniques into the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen and buttocks.

Lymphatic drainage accelerates the lymph flow, which leads to more effective metabolism of the organism. Furthermore it helps to eliminate accumulated toxic substances from the body – detoxification. During the Carbon Dioxide Treatment is the patient’s body enclosed in a sealed bag filled with carbon dioxide. The effect is increased blood circulation, expansion of skin and and also deep vessels, decreased blood pressure, improves the lymphatic system.


boho travels

photos: Hotel Prezident

4. relaxation


The very best part is every day relaxation – you will enjoy amazing wellness care to relax your body ad mind in a peaceful place. Floating – Bath in a hypertonic solution with the same salt concentration as in the Dead Sea. Highly concentrated solution can induce a state of weightlessness. Minerals in the water additionally have a beneficial effect on a number of skin diseases and bring a strong cosmetic effect to your skin, hair and nails. Indian Head Massage – Releasing and deeply relaxing Ayurvedic technique. Relieves migraine conditions, stresses, effective method for eye and ear problems. Typical Mud Bath – A warm bath with the admixture of Carlsbad peat has a considerable effect on all chronic pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system, especially the joints; treatment of great for your skin. For a muscles relaxation you will receive two mud wraps – warmed local peat cares of the musculoskeletal system.


5. beauty


Our professionals will provide you the best care by amazing Boho beauty program –  let’s start with the overall cosmetic treatment of skin of face and neckline. Your body will love – the SeaWeed Wrap with deep detoxifying, firming and slimming effect. Experience Floating – Bath in a hypertonic solution with the same salt concentration as in the Dead Sea. Highly concentrated solution can induce a state of weightlessness. Whole body peeling with extra fine Moroccan clay rhassoul is excellent for deep cleansing of all skin types. Apply it to yourself to your body in a special sauna chamber that envelops you into a gentle rain, which helps absorb large amounts of minerals into your skin.


boho angel

photos: Hotel Prezident
Pamper your body and soul in the beautiful spa city Carlsbad.
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